Find. Connect. Go

A smarter way to buy and sell marine fuel

Buying Marine Fuel

Quality. Reliability. Transparency.

Whether you are a global shipping company or a local boat operator, the Powerzeek Fuel Platform will enable you to get the quality fuel you are looking for, at the place and time you need it, and a competitive price sources from a number of fuel suppliers.

Selling Marine Fuel

New Customers. Quality Customers

Whether you are a fuel producer, fuel retailer or fuel trader, we are building technologies that will enable you to find new marine customers and to increase the information on who these customers are.

A Journey Just Begun

The world trade is increasing, and so is the demand for shipping fuel. To solve this challenge in a sustainable way, we believe in cleaner and cheaper fuel in the shipping sector.  In Powerzeek we are developing technologies that tackle these complex and global issues by building a fuel platform for the shipping sector. If you want to take part in our journey, then please contact us.

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