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Building a safer way to buy marine fuel

Buying Marine Fuel

Efficiency. Reliability. Transparency.

Whether you are a global shipping company or a local ferry operator looking for marine fuel, Powerzeek is building technology and providing services that enables you to lower fuel costs, meet your fuel quality requirements, and increase the number of fuel suppliers.

Selling Marine Fuel

Get New Customers. Know Your Customer (KYC)

Whether you are a fuel producer, fuel retailer or fuel trader, we are building technology and services that will enable you to find new marine customers and to let you know who your customers actually are.

A Journey Just Begun

The world population is increasing and so is the demand for energy. To solve this challenge in a sustainable way, we believe in cleaner and cheaper fuel in the shipping sector.  In Powerzeek we are developing technologies that tackle these complex and global issues by building a fuel platform for the transport sector. If you want to take part in our journey, then please contact us.

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