We make it easier for ships and yachts to use cleaner fuel


Powerzeek is a platform and online marketplace that brings clarity to the maritime community by making it easier to find and use cleaner marine fuels at competitive prices.

  • Send out enquiries to matching suppliers
  • Send out offers to all matching buyers
  • Propose balanced trading terms
  • Chat directly with buyer/seller
  • Build counterparty trust


“Dag and his team at Powerzeek have brought the future of LNG supply chain closer to client needs by working through a standardized procurement process”.

Mick Watts, Group Project Director, MOWI

“Powerzeek┬┤s digital marketplace makes it easier for ships and shipping companies to use cleaner fuels, and to find sustainability-focused suppliers”.

Trond Hovland, Managing Director, ITS Norway


We are proud to provide services that meet many of United Nations┬┤ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG9: By making it easier for yachts and ships to use cleaner fuel we contribute in greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies.

SDG11: By helping yachts and ships to get access to cleaner fuels we contribute in reduced emissions in ports and port cities.