Powering up ships with cleaner fuels should be easy. Now it is.

We bring clarity to the business of maritime fuels

Know Where To Find Fuel

Know The Fuel Quality

Know What The Price Is

Know Who Your Your Buyer Is

Know Who Your Seller Is

Know How To Ensure Payment

A digital marketplace for maritime fuels

Powerzeek has developed a marketplace for purchase and sale of maritime fuels, with focus on cleaner fuels.

Contact us to become one of the first ones to discover this new way of connecting buyers and sellers of cleaner maritime fuels.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Powerzeek´s vision is to enable any type of ship to power up with cleaner energy, no matter where in the world the ship may be located. This grand vision also meets several of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Affordable and clean energy

Through our services we make it easier for ships to access affordable and cleaner fuels.

GOAL 11:

Sustainable cities and communities

Through our services we help ship get access to and use cleaner fuels, thereby reducing emissions in ports and cities that the ships visit.


In Powerzeek we have a vision of a world where ships are able to power up with cleaner energy, no matter where the ship may be located. Because clarity matters. Follow us on Instagram to see our world of shipping and use #claritymatters to show your support for the use of cleaner energy in the maritime sector.

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