About us

Powerzeek makes it easy for the maritime sector to find, buy and use cleaner energy

Our Business

Powerzeek is a technology company providing a digital platform for transport fuels. We make it easy for fuel consumers to find suppliers of fuel and tobuy and use cleaner fuels. Our platform consists of a large number of companies from 30+ countries. We have some of the biggest suppliers of LNG and methanol on the platform, and the fleet of ships represented by our buyers is substantial. Our main office is located in Bergen, Norway. In addition, we have team members located in Germany, Hungary, and India. 

Our Story

The story of Powerzeek goes back to 2005, when our founder and CEO Dag Lilletvedt decided to leave a well-paid management job in Shell and instead enter the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. With only a laptop and a mobile phone, he set out to offer more flexible gas supply solutions to ship owners and process industries. A decade later, after having developed several container-based gas solutions, built up three gas service companies and after having served both local and global enterprise companies with their energy challenges, Dag decided it was time to bring his energy competence and drive for cleaner energy into the cloud. And so it was that Dag digitized and disrupted his own brokerage job, and the PowerzeekEnergy Platform saw the light of day in April 2020.

Our Management

Dag Lilletvedt

Founder & CEO

Houssam Mehdi

Co-Founder & CTO

Michel Bürki

Michel Bürki


Navneet Sharma

Co-Founder & CDO

Our Guiding Principles


A world running clean energy


Make it easier for the transport sectors to find, buy and use clean energy by developing and offering an independent energy platform


To care. To dare. Be fair.


Clarity Matters


Decarbonise transport