Our Story

The story of Powerzeek goes back to 2005, when our founder and CEO Dag Lilletvedt decided to leave a well-paid job in the gas industry and instead enter the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. With only a laptop and a mobile phone, he set out to provide more flexible gas solutions to ship owners and process industries. A decade later, after having set up offices on three continents and helped enterprises of all sizes with their energy projects, Dag decided to disrupt his own gas brokerage job by bringing his energy competence and his drive for cleaner energy into the cloud. And that was the beginning of the development that has led to the launch of the Powerzeek Fuel Platform.

Our Vision

To enable any type of ship to power up with cleaner fuels, no matter where in the world the ship may be located.

Our Mission

To connect those looking for cleaner maritime fuels with those offering such fuels through an efficient and transparent online marketplace. 

Our Founding Team

Powerzeek´s founding team consists of people with a passion for shipping, technology and cleaner energy. While we have different competencies, experiences and interests, we all recognize that to get the boat in the right direction and as fast as possible to our next port we need to work extremely well together. Houssam is our co-founder and Engineering Manager. Dag is our founder and CEO. Navneet is our co-founder and Fuel Manager. 

Our Partners

We recognize that we cannot be best at everything. So to grow and flourish, we have teamed up with external partners that are more competent than us in certain areas. This list includes both global leaders and local companies. We are truly greatful for these partnerships.

Our Locations


Shipping is a global industry, and so Powerzeek is a company with global presence. Our head office is located in Bergen Norway, a city known for its large shipping community and thriving Hanseatic trading history. Our Bergen office covers the European market. In addition, we have a presence in the US covering the Americas, an office in India covering the Asian market, and an office in Budapest for development.