We make it easier for members from the maritime sector, land transport sector, process industry and power generation industry to find, buy and use cleaner energy. Through our energy platform it is possible to send out enquiries for energy purchase, find information on availability and price of cleaner energy, and to buy cleaner energy on offer. We already have onboarded suppliers on the platform with a yearly supply capacity of more than 800,000 tons of cleaner energy.


Through our energy platform, suppliers of energy can find new buyers of clean energy. Suppliers that are registered and onboarded will a.o receive enquiries from buyers on energy. Suppliers will be notified on email each time there is a new matching enquiry, when the buyer responds to quotes or when there is a message from the buyer on an ongoing trade. Through our transport module, suppliers will also be able to find transporters of the energy. 


Through our Transport Module on the Powerzeek platform, transporters of energy can provide quotes to energy suppliers that requires transport of energy from place of source to the place of delivery. This is often a missing link, especially towards wholesalers of energy that do not have an in-house distribution system in place.