The Powerzeek Energy Platform makes it easy to find, buy and use cleaner energy.

EZ Insights

EZ Insights makes it easy to find price and market information on clean energies.

An insight tool focusing on greener fuels that provides analysis on price development and current supply situation, facilitating improved decision making.

The EZ Insights is offered in four versions: LIGHT (free), PRO, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE.

EZ Bring

EZ Bring makes it easy to buy clean energy, for delivery at the buyers own doorsteps.

A digital marketplace that connects buyers, suppliers and transporters of clean energy, and which enables efficient and seamless trading while reducing costs.

Suppliers who do not have a distribution service in place for the preferred location, can connect with registered transporters on the platform in order to provide a turn-key solution where the energy is delivered at the buyer´s doorsteps. 

EZ Hub

EZ Hub makes it easy to sell clean energy, to be picked up at the supplier´s own central hub location. 

Through the EZ Hub product, suppliers of cleaner energy can offer their products at their own hub location, such as large import terminals. The buyer will be responsible to pick up the energy product and transport it to the location where it will be used.